Welcome to the “Black Friday”!


Started in Northern America (United States and Canada), the “Black Friday” is a big discount day which followsthe thanksgiving celebration. The “Black Friday” is a dayofincredible discounts, sometimes climbing to 90%. The phenomenon has later spread to Europe and reached Africa.

According to Newsweek, “the hugely popular American phenomenon of Black Friday, famed for its one-off knock-down retail prices, has started to spread across the globe—despite the fact that in the most of the world, it’s just another Friday following an ordinary Thursday.Around Europe, retailers are divided about whether or not to partake in the shopping extravaganza. Some are opting out completely; others are taking it to the extreme, having started their sale

Discounts are proposed for any type of products and items. In South Africa complementary offers were set up to ensure the full participation of every social class to the big event. The most successful online store in Cameroon (Jumia, https://www.jumia.cm/ ) is also offering discounts on this day.

Ovamba also offers discounts to its faithful customers. The good news is, discounts are not only for the “Black Friday”.
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