Viola at the 2nd Global Convention of the Global Visionary women.

Viola Llewellyn, Founder and President of Ovamba Solutions has been invited to speak at the 2nd Global Convention of Global Visionary women Network 2016 Liverpool. The event is hosted in the International Festival for Business UK from the 22nd to the 24th of June. The theme of the Convention is “Transformational Leadership and Culture Change” and the main objective is to bring together world female leaders to share their experiences and strategies to empower the girl child and aspiring female leaders.


She will also be joined by other amazing speakers at Liverpool to explore how the shifts in culture and leadership style reflect global challenges in a different light, creating new ideas and new opportunities, understanding the issues, and consider how progress can be made.

Viola will be delivering a keynote on the 23rd “New Generation of Women in Leadership (Strategy and Change)” and will take part in other activities till the end of the event. Other Keynote speakers for this event are;

  • HRM Queen Naa TsoTsoo of Ga Kingdom Ghana
  • Molly Harvey
  • Cllr Anna Rothery
  • HRH Muzvare Betty Makoni
  • HE Callista Mutharika
  • Janicka Bassis and many others

This event is important to the future of the girl child, aspiring female leaders, and will positively impact the way some cultures look at women and their opinion on leadership