Vincent Bolloré strongly believes in African development

Despite the complex situation in which Africa finds itself following the drop in oil prices and many other raw materials, the renowned French businessman, Vincent Bolloré remains very optimistic regarding African development. He is involved in  different business sectors in Africa such as logistics,  electricity , agriculture etc.

In an interview published on Jan 13 by the Weekly Challenges, Bolloré said: “Nothing will stop the development of the continent. For decades, observers have been explaining that Africa is lost. It had to collapse 18 months ago with the Ebola outbreak. Today the epidemic is over and nobody talks about it. Rather, it is the price of oil that makes them afraid; tomorrow it may be an invasion of locusts…!” Moreover, he says: “With Internet, Africans can better learn better, take care of themselves and with the development of solar, they will have electrical energy.”

Like Vincent Bolloré, Marvin Cole and Viola Llewellyn, co-founders of Ovamba, global platform offering financial services to SMEs and traditional financial institutions with operations in Africa (CEMAC zone), highly believe in raising the economy of Africa. For this reason, they go round the world from conference to conference in order to gather investors wishing to grow their investment portfolio in order to  provide capital and funding for African Businesses.