Funding Circle Partners With H&R Block

H and R BlockThe small businesses who already use the US tax preparation firm H&R Block for bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and other accounting services now have access to a new online service: business loans up to 500,000 US dollars, thanks to a new referral partnership with Funding Circle, a P2P lending marketplace for small business loans.

Funding Circle is headquartered in the UK, but has since expanded to the US and has been growing in excess of 300% per annum.  The company already partners with leading US financial and technology firms including Intuit, Tri-Net, LendingTree, Credit Karma, Creditera and the National Small Business Association.

Ovamba is inspired by the success of funding circle and believes that partnerships between the service providers to small business and a providers of financial capital are a critical component to economic growth.

Ovamba partners with a number of institutions – including financial services firms to offer the maximum value possible to African SME’s.