Cyber Monday: Online Discounts are On!

In the United States, Cyber Monday is a term of marketing used to identify the Monday following Thanksgiving.  This term appeared on November 28, 2005 in a dispatch of entitled Cyber Monday “Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year. The term “Cyber Monday” has later been adopted by retailers on line in Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, France and Chile.

According to a study of Research realized in 2005, “77 % of the retailers on line say that their sales increase highly in Monday following Thanksgiving, a tendency which causes substantial reductions and significant promotions at the time of Cyber Monday of this year (2005)”.  In 2010, comScore2 reported that American consumers spent $32.6 billion dollars in purchases on line during the Cyber Monday (excluding journeys for the year 2009, which rose up to 887 million US dollars). It was the day of the year 2010 which saw the most purchases in terms of dollars.

In 2013, sales on line during Cyber Monday in the United States increased by 20.6 % compared to the previous year, reaching a record of $2.29 billion US dollars.

Such days are very good for the promotion of online services, very important factor in this generation marked by technology.